Internet Safety for Children: Mobile Phones

  • Never reply to unrecognised text messages – From time to time you may be sent advertising messages or spam messages that will try to get you to respond or agree to some promotion. Delete these messages immediately and do not reply,
  • Never give out your phone number – Internet safety for children starts with not giving out your personal details. Never give out your mobile phone number to someone you haven’t met in the real world. If someone is try to get your number then tell a trusted adult.
  • Be careful downloading ringtones – Ringtones can be quite expensive and be added onto your bill. If you choose to download a ringtone make sure you choose the correct one and check with the person who pays your phone bill first.
  • Be careful sending picture messages – Unless you have met the person in the real world, the Internet Safety for Children website recommends that you don’t send a picture message to that person in case they are not who you really think they are.

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