Ensuring e-safety for Children

The internet is an irreplaceable source of fun and learning for your children. However, it can be dangerous as well–your children are at risk from many potential sources of privacy violation, in addition to encountering inappropriate content or becoming the target of sexual predation. Educating your Children about e-Safety Protecting children from online dangers is a … Read more

Internet Safety for Children: Mobile Phones


Never reply to unrecognised text messages – From time to time you may be sent advertising messages or spam messages that will try to get you to respond or agree to some promotion. Delete these messages immediately and do not reply, Never give out your phone number – Internet safety for children starts with not giving out … Read more

Internet Safety for Children: Email


Don’t read Internet safety for children starts with recognising the email address of the sender. Also,if the subject line sounds vague or irrelevant to you then don’t even bother opening the email – just delete it. Don’t click If you have opened the email and realised it is not from someone you know then definitely … Read more

Internet Safety For Children


The internet is a powerful tool for school research as well as a great platform to have fun and maintain your friendships. However, there are unscrupulous people who will take advantage of the vulnerability and nieve nature of children. The Internet Safety for Children website will help you advise and guide your childs browsing habits … Read more